What to wear?

This is my favorite question! You can wear whatever you want–but please keep in mind that this is a photo session, so you should try to look your best! Think about this ahead of time instead of trying to throw something together on the day of your session.

First and foremost, it should be something you feel comfortable in. And I don’t mean jeans and a t-shirt kind of comfort, although that is important too–but I mean something that you feel good in. I want you to feel gorgeous (or handsome, for the men out there being forced to read this) in front of the camera, and that’s really hard to do if you don’t like what you’re wearing! Consider your session a “special occasion”–a perfectly good reason to throw on your favorite dress and heels, or your favorite pair of skinny jeans, or your “favorite” whatever! Or, if you’re like me, use this as an excuse to go shopping and find your new favorite (insert type of clothing here). Formal, casual, somewhere in-between… that is all completely up to you!

I always suggest accessories and layers. I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference they make. To see what I mean (and some lovely examples), check out my pinterest board on “photo session outfit inspiration”