Studio Details

I am first and foremost an on-location, natural light, wedding and lifestyle photographer. What does that mean to you? Mostly it means that I love to shoot everything outdoors in the best light possible. Of course, not every session (or wedding!) is outdoors, and that is absolutely fine! And when I say “on-location”, I mean that we will not be taking pictures in a studio in front of a backdrop (unless it’s a cake smash and we decide to do it indoors). I aim for my photos to look natural and to help tell your story–and I’m afraid no studio backdrop can help me do that.

As far as locations go, the possibilities are endless. I encourage my clients to choose their own location, because they know much better than I do what locations might be special to them, or fit their personalities the best. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t throw some ideas and suggestions their way if they ask me to!

My main goal is to make my clients feel comfortable during their session (or wedding!). I know how awkward it can feel to be in front of a camera, so I do my best to give direction (and to tell my clients how awesome they’re doing!) so that they feel a little more at ease, because this is truly when someone photographs the best.