Session Info

If you ended up on this page, chances are you are interested in booking a session but want to know what all is involved. Here I will give you an overview of the different types of sessions that I offer!

First, you should probably know your options. Currently I provide six types of sessions: family (can be limited to just children, if that’s what you want!), engagement, seniorswelcome baby!, newborn, and cake smash sessions.

Family, Engagement, and Senior sessions can last anywhere between 1-1.5 hours and are scheduled about 2 hours before sunset. Each session is tailored to fit the personality of each family/couple/senior. I do my best to get to know you before our session to ensure that the pictures tell your story in a fun and authentic way!

Newborn sessions can take place in your home or mine, and are generally scheduled within 10 days of the baby’s arrival. These can last 3-4 hours, and are generally indoors around the middle of the day.

Welcome Baby! sessions are quite a bit different than the other types of sessions I offer, so I should probably explain them. This type of session is very special to me for so many reasons. If you’ve read the “about me” page yet, then you know I’m in medical school (and if you haven’t, well now you know!) and I can honestly say that I have not been in the delivery room a single time without tearing up just a little (and I have seen tons of deliveries). There is something so absolutely precious about those first few breaths and it really, really gets me. And because I love photography so very much, I figured I should combine the two. (If this is the first time you’ve heard of this happening–please don’t freak out. Birth photography is becoming a pretty big thing, and I definitely didn’t come up with the idea.)

There are also so many different spins on it, that I think you should know up-front that my focus in the delivery room (at least when I am behind the camera and not in scrubs) is the overwhelming love–the love between a new mom and dad as they wait on the arrival of their new baby, the love between a set of parents and their precious new baby. I promise to leave the not-so-lovely parts out of it.

Turn-around time for getting your digital images is anywhere between 2-5 weeks. You will have printing rights so you are able to print these images wherever, and as many times as you wish!


Why digital images?

Well, there are many reasons. The main one: everyone is different. This way you can print whichever images you want, whatever size you want, as many times as you want… and you don’t have to wait on me to do it for you. However, I think it’s necessary for me to point out that just because you CAN print them anywhere, does not mean that you SHOULD print them from just anywhere. Why hire someone to take professional, quality images for you only to have them printed at CVS? You may not think that it makes much of a difference and that all photo printers are the same… but I can assure you–this is not true.

Because of this, I offer a very unique online gallery containing every single image from your session. And because everything is done online–you get your images faster! Gone are the days where I spend the afternoon burning your images to a disc, packaging them, and then finding the time to make it to the post office. With this online gallery, as soon as I finish editing the images, they are in your hands! No waiting around! I will send you a personalized link to your gallery so that you are able to view, share (facebook, pinterest, twitter–you name it!), download, and order prints of your images from your computer, tablet, even your phone! These prints are ordered from a professional lab, so they are exquisite quality prints at super affordable prices (seriously, no need to print at CVS)! You also have access to download high-resolution copies of each and every image from your session so that you can save them to your computer or burn them to a disc so that you are able to have them printed elsewhere, if you choose to do so! The best part is, if everyone in your family wants to order prints from your session or wedding–you don’t have to worry with ordering them! Anyone you share the gallery with has the option to order prints. Pretty sweet, huh?