Where do you go to take your pictures? How do I choose a location?

The possibilities are endless! I don’t have a “list” of places that I prefer to shoot. For more on this, read this page.


Do you travel?

Absolutely! I will travel wherever your story takes me! Email me for more details.


I am interested in booking a session. What’s the process?

First, email me for availability. If our schedules work out, all that is required to book a session is a signed portrait agreement and a $100 retainer fee.


I’m interested in booking a wedding. Can I meet with you before I book? And what exactly is required to book a wedding?

Yes, absolutely! I love meeting with potential brides before they book so we have a chance to get to know each other. And to book a wedding, a signed contract and $1000 retainer fee is required to reserve your date.


What should I wear?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Because this is the #1 question I get from clients, I’ve created an entire page and pinterest board dedicated to answering this question. For ideas, go here.