Meet The Staplers

Nothing makes me happier than repeat customers! Beverly and her sweet family were one of my first family sessions (outside of photographing my own, that is). I was so excited when she signed up for one of my mini sessions this year. As soon as I got her email I knew to expect lots of bright colors and sweet, giggly kids. It absolutely amazes me how much her babies have grown in just one short year!


One year later, and they are still easily amused with the leaves. The only difference was last year her youngest was chewing on them… this year she was throwing them in the air singing “ashes, ashes, we all fall down”… absolutely precious.




Beverly, thank you so much for letting me hang out with you and your kids for the afternoon. I’m so thankful for sweet people like you who keep coming back:)

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Meet the Smiths

Where do I even begin? This family is super special to me… most importantly, because they are part of my own family. I am so thankful you guys made the long drive to Huntsville to let me photograph your sweet, sweet family. I absolutely loved spending a little bit of my afternoon with you guys! I wanted to give y’all a quick peek of some of my favorites from your session.





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Meet the Morrisons

I would like to introduce you to the lovely Morrison family! They were my first mini session of the day and I knew from the second they stepped out of the car that it was going to be wonderful. The entire family is absolutely adorable and Kandi did such a wonderful job with their outfits, I knew it couldn’t go any other way.




After a few group shots, we spent some time focusing on their sweet girls. They weren’t too sure about it, but once their parents bribed them with time on the playground, they were more than happy to cheese it up a little… group hugs and diva poses. No better way to end a post than with these sweet faces!


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Meet the Elliotts

Whew! I hate to be a complainer, but it is coming awfully easy to me these days. After my session with The Elliotts, I went through a series of unfortunate events. About the time the session was over I realized I dropped my glasses somewhere in this huge cotton field. We were only in one little bitty spot–so you’d think they would be easy to find, right? Wrong. We searched for what seemed like forever that night (well, until the sun went down), and then Amanda and Daniel went back the next morning. In case you’re curious, we still haven’t found them. However, that was the least of my worries. A quick trip to Costco fixed that… and now I’m just waiting on the new ones to come in.

After I got home that night my computer crashed (and by my computer, I mean my computer and alllll of the pictures on it that I hadn’t backed up). Like an idiot, I had just formatted my memory card because we had to shoot a wedding the next day. So I thought for sure that I had just lost all of the lovely pictures from Amanda and Daniel’s session. Of course I was an emotional train-wreck. By some act of God my computer turned on long enough to transfer those files to my external, and then it crashed again. My GPS quit on me as I was in my car headed to shoot a wedding. I had a terrible headache because I didn’t have my glasses, and we were out of Advil… four days, several headaches, one hard drive, and two hundred and fifty dollars later I was sure that my computer was fixed. By that point I had 5 sessions and 1 wedding to edit. So I picked up my computer and spent the afternoon in Starbucks trying to get caught up on editing before I was supposed meet Blake for our movie night. It started acting a little funny so I shut it down and headed out for our date night. By the time I got home, it wouldn’t turn on… It had crashed, yet again. Two hours of telephone technical support later, they were out of options and I was put on hold. I guess the guy just totally forgot about me… oh, wait. No, it was 10:30 PM so he probably just clocked out and left me on the line. Oh, well. The next morning (yesterday!) I spent 3 hours sitting at the Genius Bar in the apple store waiting on them try something else that would hopefully fix my problem. They only had one of these magical ribbon-cable things… and they couldn’t find it. I might’ve been on the verge of tears. Or screaming. Or just anything extremely emotional. To make a long story short (because I’m already tired of complaining), the $17 part fixed my entire problem… so they refunded the $250 hard drive (let me keep it!) and sent me on my way with a working computer (knock on wood…) All of this is just to say that I am forever indebted to the lovely people at the Apple Genius Bar.

Sorry for the rambling. Let’s get to the main event (which will probably lead to more rambling because I love this sweet family so much)!

I would like to introduce you to The Elliotts: Daniel, Amanda, Cain and Jadyn. Otherwise known as my beautiful sister and her adorable family.

We had a very spur-of-the-moment cotton field session last week to kick off my break. I had rented a lens and needed to break it in before the wedding the next day, and they were more than willing to pose for me (thanks, again)!

While editing these pictures, I realized just how much these sweet babies have grown.

I remember when Cain was younger and I couldn’t get over how smart he was (and still is). The kid knew what a gondola was before the age of 4, for crying out loud. 

Meet Jadyn. She is the artist of the family. Every single time I am at their house she is drawing something… it’s usually pink, and it usually looks like it belongs in a Dr. Seuss book. But I think she is brilliant. Not only is she adorable and smart, but she is the most loveable kid you’ll ever meet. The other day she wrote me a letter saying how glad she was I married Uncle Blake and how much she loves us. She is absolutely precious. What she probably doesn’t know is that I still have the last “book” she made me, and it is hanging on my fridge in Birmingham. I can’t wait to add her latest letter to my collection:)Sometimes little things turn into big things, and they’re all that keep me going down there.

And last, but certainly not least, I’d like to ramble on a bit about my sweet sister and her incredible husband.

Amanda, there are absolutely no words to describe how proud I am of the mother, wife, and woman that you have become. That sounds a little silly coming from me because I am younger… but I think there was a time where we did a lot of growing up and figuring things out together. You are so incredibly smart and funny. You are a wonderful mother to two of the sweetest, most well-mannered kids I have ever met. And if that wasn’t enough, you are one of the few people in this world who get me… not the professional, put-together version of me (who am I kidding, I am never put together!), but the “whole” version of me. I don’t think anyone else in this world would be able to convince me that it’s ok for me to highlight my hair or get a tattoo… or loosen up, in general. I am so thankful for who you are, and I am so thankful for who you make me. 

And I am so thankful that you found Daniel. I am beyond grateful for the father that he has become to your sweet babies, and for the husband he has become to you. You all deserve the absolute best, and I’m so happy you finally found it.

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Tori + Seth {Happily Ever After}

So this is my first time blogging a wedding (or really making an attempt at blogging in general), and let me just say I am so super excited about it! So excited, actually, that I’m blowing off studying gluteal anatomy so I can tell you all about Tori and Seth’s wedding (shhhh—don’t tell my Mamaw, she wouldn’t approve)!

It was a beautiful Saturday in Auburn, Alabama. Honestly, they couldn’t have asked for better weather if they tried! While I’m telling you about how beautiful the day was, I should mention that I was absolutely blown away by the ceremony and reception decorations. There was something so beautifully simple and rustic about the set-up that I absolutely loved.

While Amanda and I were doing detail shots, the girls were hanging out and getting ready. Everyone was so calm that it was easy to forget they were getting ready for a wedding.

Eventually we loaded up and headed to the country club for the first look and bridal party pictures. Seth and Tori were so sweet together, and I consider it an honor they chose me to photograph their wedding.

The bridal party was incredible! I’ll admit I was a little intimidated when I heard there were 8 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen. My first thought was “How on earth am I going to fit them all in one picture?!” Thankfully, everything went surprisingly smooth and they all fit!

Everything from the ceremony forward was a huge whirlwind for us. The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was so much fun! I saw moves at that reception I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

Thank you so much Tori and Seth for choosing me to photograph your wedding day. I have loved getting to know you both and wish you all of the love and happiness that your hearts can stand! And a very special thank you to my sweet sister, second shooter, and partner in crime—Amanda. You saved me in more ways than one during this wedding and I am so thankful you’ve teamed up with me. Love you tons!

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