Kendall + Ramsey

Oh my goodness, where do I even begin? Ramsey and Kendall’s wedding was not only gorgeous from start to finish, but it was an absolute joy to be a part of! When I heard (the night before their wedding) that their reception venue closed down, I expected the entire wedding party, family, and especially Kendall to be all kinds of stressed out. But were they? Nope. Everyone was so calm I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. Generally everyone is a little stressed out before the wedding, even without a reception venue catastrophe. This entire group absolutely blew me away.

Kendall and Ramsey, it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of your wedding day. I feel so blessed to have been a part of your wedding, and to have met the two of you. Congratulations on a gorgeous wedding day, and I wish you two nothing but the best!

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Hannah + Jerred

Hannah and I were having a hard time coming up with just the right location and “theme” for our session, so eventually she told me that they just loved being outdoors–and that anything nature-related would be perfect. So I began to plan a little picnic for these two lovebirds. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon Jackie from “Vintage on Macon” for the prop rentals for this session. She has a barn full of beautiful vintage pieces that I could’ve spent hours in. Not only does she have the best stuff, but she is so incredibly sweet. Thank you so much for working with me on this, Jackie! I am so grateful to have found you:)

As per usual, I probably had to reschedule this engagement session a billion times. I’m telling you, I have the worst luck with weather. But, finally, it was like the stars aligned and the heavens opened up and gave us the most beautiful, 70 degrees with a slight breeze kind of weather. I’m telling you–it was awesome. Not only was the weather perfect, but this couple was an absolute blast. I had Blake with me that afternoon, and even if he hates playing “assistant”, I guarantee you even HE had a good time. That’s how hilarious this couple is!

Hannah Neal

They are so awesome!! I love them!! Thank you so much, we are so excited for you to shoot our wedding!!!!! :)

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Osmer and Downs Family

If I remember correctly, Deana and I started planning her session back in November or December. We had to reschedule so many times due to the flu or bad weather, that I didn’t think it would ever work out. And then, as if by some sort of miracle, it looked like the weather was FINALLY going to work out for us. According to the forecast, it should’ve been perfect.

And then, of course, I wake up to get ready and head out for our early morning session… and it was so foggy that I could barely see out of my window. The ground was soaking wet, it was barely above freezing, and there was no sunshine to be found. So I call up Deana to see what she wanted to do. Apparently the weather was much better (well, less foggy) where she was–so we decided to suck it up and go ahead with the session. I of all people know how hard it is to get everyone’s schedules to work together once, let alone as many times as we had to reschedule… so of course, I packed up my gear and headed down the mountain to meet this sweet family.

And oh my goodness, am I glad that I did! Deana, I enjoyed every single second with your adorable family–and I am absolutely smitten with your session! Thanks for being such troopers in the cold with me! I can only hope you guys love them as much as I do!

Brantlie was a little concerned about the horses. She wasn’t entirely sure what they were doing running toward us.

She warmed up to them pretty quick:)

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Emma is {One}

Let me introduce you to my gorgeous niece, Emma.

Ever since my sister found out she was pregnant with a little girl and decided to name her Emma, I’ll admit, I was a little bitter. Mostly because that was one of my favorite girl names and I would never get the chance to maybe one day use it… but after this sweet girl got here, it was impossible to hold it against her. She is, by far, the happiest, sweetest baby I have ever met in my entire life. I wasn’t sure what to get this sweet girl for her very first birthday, but I figured letting her play in a pile of icing (ok, a delicious gluten free cake–thanks Melisa Hall!) would be a-ok with her… and would give me an excuse to get behind the camera. Win-win!

Cake by Melisa Hall at Life is Sweet in Grant, AL

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Big changes at JSP

Hello friends!

I am so excited to finally show you the new site, and to let you in on some of the fun changes over here at JSP! First, be sure to look around the new website! My updated pricing is listed under the pricing page. I’ve also added an FAQ page, as well as a few pages specifically for clients that are new to JSP, or for those who want to know a little more about my style, my sessions, and what to expect in the booking process. I’ve also added links to my pinterest page, so you can browse through some “what to wear” for your session ideas. Can you tell I’ve been a little busy?

For those of you who are not subscribed to my newsletter, you may not know about some major life-changes that are coming up for me. In two months I will move home to Grant and will be around 7 days a week! Wooohooo! What does this mean for you? It means that after my Step 1 exam at the end of April, I will be available to shoot sessions throughout the week, as well as on the weekends! While I will be around a lot more, I will also be doing my rotations in Huntsville, so I will still be pretty busy. Because of this I am limiting myself to no more than 2 weddings a month, and no more than two portrait (family, engagement, seniors, etc) sessions per month. Therefore, if you would like to get on my calendar–be sure to get with me before I am booked up!

I would like to say a quick “thank you” to all of my wonderful clients that made 2012 so amazing for JSP. I am beyond grateful for you guys and cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store!

And what’s a blog without a few pictures? I feel obligated to post a few… and since I’ve been boring these past few weeks and have done nothing but study and sit on the couch working on this website, I’ll introduce y’all to my two lovely dogs.


Meet Jackson. This is our precious little biewer yorkie-poo (please don’t ask me to say that out loud, because I still have no idea how to pronounce the b-word). He is a little over 3 years old and is the most annoying sweet dog I’ve ever met. I took this after he got a much-needed haircut yesterday… I feel like they left a him with a mustache.

And this is Chyna. I tend to lose count, but I’m pretty sure she is a 6 years old. She absolutely ferocious, as I’m sure you can tell. She smiles like a real person, jumps up and down when she gets excited (just like me!), and–up until a month ago–slept in the bed just like a real person. If you ask my husband, he probably things she is a real person.

Penny buckelew

Love looking at your pictures. Hope to see you at a future wedding!


Wouldn’t miss it for the world!

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